Privacy Declaration


This Privacy Declaration applies to the websites for the following companies within the Dossche Group:

The website offered by:

Dossche Mills NV

Clemence Dosschestraat 1

9800 Deinze


VAT BE-0400.771.039


Telephone: +32 9 381 44 44


The websites and offered by:

Gourmand S.A.

Drève Gustave Fache 6

7700 Mouscron


VAT-BE 0425.877.807


Telephone: 056 85 90 90


The website offered by:

Flinn NV

Clemence Dosschestraat 1

9800 Deinze


VAT-BE 0639.824.173


Telephone: 09 381 54 10


In case of privacy questions, do not hesitate to contact us. A speedy response is guaranteed! Any privacy related questions pertaining to the websites of Flinn NV & Dossche Mills NV should be addressed to Any privacy related questions relating to the website of Gourmand S.A. should be addressed to


1. Why this privacy declaration?

Any person visiting our websites (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) provides some personal data. This personal data contains information allowing us to identify you as a natural person, regardless of the fact whether this is actually done. As soon as a direct or indirect link can be created between data and yourself as a natural person, you are identifiable.

Your personal data is only used and processed in accordance with the Privacy Law, Regulation, and other relevant legislative stipulations. Any reference in this Privacy Declaration to the ‘Privacy Law’ will be a reference to the law dated December 8, 1992 on the protection of your privacy against personal data processing. Any reference to the Regulation is a reference to the Regulation dated April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with personal data processing and free movement of these data (GDPR).

By means of this Privacy Declaration, any User of our websites will be informed of the possible processing activities of his or her personal data by Dossche Group. Dossche Group is entitled to amend this Privacy Declaration at any time. Any substantial modification will be reported to the User. We recommend the User to consult this document on a regular basis.

2. Who is processing the personal data?


2.1. Processing responsible

Dossche Group will be the processing responsible and will determine solely or in collaboration with others which personal data will be collected. In addition, he will determine the purpose and the means for processing personal data.

2.2. Processor(s)

Dossche Group is entitled to appeal to data processors. A processor is a natural or legal person processing personal data at the request of or in name of the processing responsible. The processor is to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. The processor will at all times be acting in accordance with the instructions imposed by the processing responsible.

Dossche Group appeals to following categories of « processors »:

  • Web development companies (DM&S);
  • Marketing companies (Studio Engarde and Creatief for Gourmand);
  • Hosting companies.


3. What is the legal basis on which my data is processed?

In accordance with the Privacy Law and the Regulation, personal data is processed on the basis of the following legal grounds:

  • Execution of the agreement concluded with the User, or the execution of precontractual steps taken at his or her request
  • Complying with legal or regulatory stipulations relating to managing a contractual relationship
  • Legitimate interest in sending information and newsletters to our customers
  • Explicit consent to send out promotional offers (direct marketing)


4. Which personal data will be processed?

Dossche Group is committed to collecting and processing personal data solely relevant for the purposes in which they are being processed:

  • Personal identification data (first and last name; name and info of your company)
  • Contact details (phone and fax number; email address)
  • Address records
  • Electronic identification data (IP-address, location cookies, browser type, operating system)
  • Other (resumés, letters of motivation)

This data is collected when using our contact form or when visiting the website. Other personal data may be collected at a later stage, such as those required for after-sales. The quantity of collected data is dependent on how you use the website and its functionalities.

In addition, we use cookies to recognize the user, to offer a personalized user experience, to remember technical choices (such as a language) and to detect and correct any website errors. For more details on the use of cookies, please consult our Management of cookies.

5. For what purposes is my personal data being used?

Dossche Group collects your personal data in order to allow us to offer a safe, optimum and personal user experience of our website. Collecting personal data is further being expanded in accordance with the User’s increased use of the platform and (on-line) services. Dossche Group is entitled to suspend or cancel operations should data prove to be missing, incorrect or incomplete.

Data processing is essential to guarantee operational activities of the platform and related services. Processing is solely done for the purposes defined below:

  • Customer management: customer administration, support, orders and sending out newsletters.
  • Protection against fraud and offenses.
  • Personalized marketing, publicity and newsletters should your consent be given to this, in which case you are at all times entitled to withdraw your consent.
  • Setting up a user account on the website
  • Transmitting resumés and letters of motivation during recruitment processes;

personal data is always communicated by the User to the Dossche Group and as such, he or she can control the data to a certain extent. Should data be incomplete or apparently incorrect, Dossche Group is entitled to delay temporarily, or permanently, some expected actions.


6. Who receives your personal data?

Your personal data will solely be processed for internal use within the Dossche Group. Your personal data will not be sold, transmitted or communicated to third parties other than our partners (the only exception being when prior express consent has been given).


7. How long do we conserve your personal data?

Your records will be conserved as long as necessary to fulfil the predefined purposes as stipulated in article 5. They will be removed out of the database when no longer required for these purposes or should the User legitimately request the removal of his or her personal data.


8. What are your rights?

8.1 Legitimate and safe processing of personal data is guaranteed

Your personal data is at all times processed for legitimate purposes as explained in article 5. It is collected and processed in a suitable, relevant and proportionate manner and will be conserved no longer than required to meet the predefined purposes.

8.2 Right of access

When proving your identity, you are entitled to collect information on your data processing. As such, you are entitled to have access to the purposes of processing, the personal data categories, the categories of receivers to whom the data is sent, the criteria for determining the data conservation period, and the rights you can exercise relating to your data.

8.3 Right on rectification of your personal data

Inaccurate or incomplete data can be corrected. It is up to the User to have the necessary adaptations done to his “User Profile”. At any given time, you have the opportunity to address your request for modification to our services.

8.4 Right to clear your personal data

Also, you have the right to clear your personal data in the following cases:

  • Your personal data is no longer required for the predefined purpose;
  • You withdraw your consent to process your data and there is no further legal basis to process your data;
  • You have legitimately introduced a complaint against processing your personal data;
  • Your data is illegitimately processed;
  • Your data need to be cleared on the basis of a legal obligation.

Clearing data is largely a visible aspect; it is possible that cleared data is temporarily saved.

8.5 Right to limit processing

In some cases, you are entitled to ask for limitations in processing your personal data. This is a possibility in the case of litigation pertaining to data accuracy or in case the data is required in view of legal proceedings or during the time required by Dossche Group to determine whether you are legally qualified to exercise your right of removal.

8.6 Right to object

At all times, you are entitled to object against processing your personal data for ‘direct marketing’ purposes, profiling purposes, or purposes in connection with the legitimate interests of the data responsible. Dossche Group will stop processing your personal data unless it can be demonstrated that there are urgent legal grounds to process your personal data prevailing over your right to object.

8.7 Right to data transferability

You are entitled to obtain the personal data supplied to Dossche Group in a structured, common and machine readable version. In addition, you are entitled to transfer this personal data to a different processing responsible, unless technically impossible.

8.8 Right to withdraw your consent

You are, at all times, entitled to withdraw your consent; for example, when you have given your consent for marketing purposes.


9. How can you exercise your rights?

Should you wish to exercise your rights, you can send a written request accompanied by proof of identity to the Dossche Group, Clemence Dosschestraat 1, 9800 Deinze or via email aan (Flinn & Dossche Mills websites) or to Gourmand S.A., Drève Gustave Fache 6

7700 Mouscron or via email to (Gourmand website).

 We will answer as quickly as possible and at the latest within one (1) month upon receipt of your request.  


10. Possibility to introduce a complaint

In case of disagreement with the processing of your personal data by Dossche Group, you have the right to introduce a complaint with the competent authorities (for Belgium:


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