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Cookie Policy


  1. Cookies

A cookie consists of a small text file placed on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device when visiting a website. This cookie will be placed on your device either by the website ("first party cookies") or its partners ("third party cookies"). By means of the cookie, your device will be recognized on the basis of a unique identification number whenever returning to the website. Simultaneously, it will collect details on your surfing behavior.

Different types of cookies exist; the following cookies can be distinguished in function of their purpose: essential or strictly necessary cookies and non-essential cookies (functional, analytical and targeting cookies).  

Belgian legislation on electronic communication dated June 13, 2005 sets out the provisions on cookies and the use thereof on websites. This legislation is a transposition of the European e-Privacy Guideline. Consequently, the legislation on cookies might be implemented differently in other European member states. As Gourmand Pastries is mainly focused on the Belgian market, it will follow the Belgian and European legislation on cookies.

  1. Purpose and utility of cookies

When visiting the website, consent can be given as to placing cookies. Cookies will assist Gourmand Pastries in optimizing your visit to its website and in offering you the best possible user experience. However, you are entitled to remove or limit cookies by modifying your browser settings (cfr "Management of cookies").

Deactivating cookies might have an impact on the website’s functioning; some site functions might become limited or non-accessible. When deciding to deactivate, a smooth and optimum visit to our website can no longer be guaranteed.  Types of cookies used by Gourmand Pastries:

  • Strict necessary cookies:

These cookies are indispensable for the website’s proper functioning and cannot be deactivated in our systems. In most cases, there are set to have a reaction on your actions. We cite in this respect privacy preferences, login actions or completion of forms.

  • Non-essential cookies:

These cookies are not essential to have the website functioning but will assist us in offering an improved and personalized website.

  • Functional cookies:

These cookies will allow the website to offer improved functionalities and personalization. They can be set by our own services or by external providers whose services we have added to our pages.

  • Analytical cookies:

These cookies will allow us to keep track of your visits and traffic, thus improving and measuring the performance of our site. They will assist us in finding out which pages are visited on a frequent basis, which are not, and how visitors are scrolling through our site.

  • Targeting cookies:

These cookies may be installed via our site by our advertising partners and can be used by these companies to set up a profile of your interests on the basis of which appropriate advertising will be shown on other sites. We use our own cookies and cookies of carefully selected partners with whom we collaborate and who offer our services on their website.

First Party Cookies :

Domain name:

Name cookie

Type cookie

Duration of conservation


Used by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic.

1 year


Preserves user session state across page requests.

1 year


Third party cookies:

Domain name:

Name cookie

Type cookie

Duration of conservation







Domain name:

Read the Privacy Declaration for more details on how personal data is treated by Gourmand Pastries.

Management of cookies

Make sure cookies is activated on your web browser. When consulting Gourmand Pastries’ website, we advise you to activate cookies. You are entitled to deactivate cookies via your browser’s settings by modifying your browser’s settings (via tab "Preferences" or "Options"). Go to the following links for more information on how to manage cookies. Simultaneously, you can consult the “Help” tab of your browser.

Visitor rights

As cookies might include managing personal data, you are entitled to a legitimate and safe processing of your personal data. Details on how we collect and process your personal data, including your rights, are readily available in our Privacy Declaration.


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