A little taste of history

Gourmand came about in the 1980s when Christian Moulin opened a bakery in the centre of Mouscron in Belgium. Not long afterwards, he started exporting bakery products, which eventually led to developing the first industrially pre-proved croissant in Europe.

Christian believed in the opportunity of producing semi-finished products on a large scale. He founded Gourmand in 1984, specialising in laminated products. Gourmand once again pioneered, being the first to release an industrially filled croissant onto the market.

In 1991 Gourmand was acquired by the Dossche Group, a family company founded in 1875 and active in the food industry. Gourmand managed to expand internationally swiftly, thanks to investments in product development, expanding capacity and intensive automation. These investments have made Gourmand Pastries the success story it is today.