The Apple Plait - an asset to your range

The Apple Plait - an asset to your range

Our new Apple Plait is infused with the delicate sweetness of fresh, crisp pieces of Jonagold apples. Each bite is a symphony of flavours, where the natural freshness of the apple blends perfectly with a luscious pastry cream.

The Apple Plait is made with care and precision. The coarse sugar grains not only add extra crunch but also create a visually irresistible effect. The apples retain their beautiful yellow colour after baking, adding to the attractiveness of this treat.

- Fresh Jonagold apple pieces

- Firm texture that remains even after baking

- Guaranteed delicious juicy taste

Convinced? Contact us today to add this masterful Apple Plait, to your range.

Posted on 29.Jan.2024